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one of our key projects: temlab

Temlab, a patented system by GEOLAB Ltd, offers remote monitoring of concrete corrosion by detecting and reporting concrete decay in buildings.

The durability and long-term performance of concrete structures in severe environments is severely tested by carbonatation and chlorides attack. Traditionally, the monitoring methods to evaluate any degradation and issues in concrete are carried out by invasive and, sometimes, damaging techniques.

The unicity of the Temlab system lies in the exploitation of a non-invasive methodology, based on the measurement of the electrochemical corrosion of embedded steel and of the chlorides concentration and pH, via sensors embedded in the structure . . .


Smart agri-tech hub

AB5 Consulting has conceived an economic smart agriculture hub, aimed at increasing the productivity and quality of yields and especially targeted at small farmers. The accomplishment of conception, testing and implementation of intelligent technology will be made possible as a result of the partnership between AB5 Consulting, academic researchers and real farmers.

Farmers, notably the small indipendent ones, are exposed to weather conditions, made worse by the effect of climate changes, and potentially subject to the loss or waste of crops, water and working time due to the lack of reliable and timely information on the crops and soil . . .


Market access, licensing, regulations, governmental affairs

AB5 Consulting has extensive experience in international regulatory affairs (licensing, spectrum management and policy / government affairs), market access and business development, project management, thus supporting and working for companies and regulatory agencies.


AB5 Consulting has applied for market access licensing in a large number of countries around the world. Vast experience of the International Telecommunications Union, the European bodies such as . . .

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