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AB5 Consulting is an SME business based in London, UK, and Guillestre, France, which develops innovative solutions in an enabled environment with sound competencies in advisory and management activities. Established in 2014, the company has seen a remarkable expansion of its activities, leading to the recruitment of a hard-working team to assist its founder and CEO, Betty Bonnardel. AB5 carries out business development studies, systems evaluation, project management and interface, bid organisation and management, provides regulatory support to a range of stakeholders including satellite operators, high-tech companies, regulators and international organisations. The company is also developing its own projects, particularly focusing on innovation and on the exploitation of IoT and AI.

meet team

meet the team

Betty Bonnardel

CEO & Founder of AB5 Consulting; MBE, C. Eng, MBA, FIET, FWES

Betty has been awarded a MBE. an award-winning systems engineer with two Masters’ in Science in aeronautical and space engineering, a diploma in international nuclear law and a MBA. Betty is a certified project manager; her experience includes the management of complex international projects in the aerospace, satellite, defence, nuclear, and transport of dangerous goods sectors. She is president of the UK Chapter of the Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI), a co-founder of Women in Nuclear UK, member of the Women’s Engineering Society’s Trust (former Vice-President for Industry), and former co-founder and board member of the International Women in Engineering and Science (INWES) Europe. Betty sits on the University of West London engineering and ICT schools' industry committees. Betty is also engaged in society; she is a school governor and chair of the resource committee (HR, finance and premises with a £11M budget) at a prominent State High School and participates regularly to school fairs and events to promote engineering with boys and girls.

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Tony azzarelli

CTO of AB5 Consulting FIET

Tony is the CTO of AB5 Consulting, providing technology leads and advice for AB5 and its clients. He is also owner of an independent consulting Azzurra Telecom Ltd (UK) providing Regulatory and Government Affairs services. He co-founded ACCESS.SPACE ALLIACE, a group aimed at helping and supporting the small satellite sector.

Tony holds a Doctorate’s degree in Electronics and an MBA, and studied LLM in Air and Space Law. He has more than 25 years experience in the telecommunication sector with senior management appointments at OneWeb, UK Regulator Ofcom, Inmarsat, The Boeing Company, the European Space Agency and ICO Global Communications.

Tony has always striven to initiate, develop and promote global harmonised licensing and spectrum policies for space and terrestrial wireless technologies, and believes that this is necessary for the proper economic and societal growth and development of a country and its industry. He has promotes ICT broadband solutions via satellite and terrestrial applications for the developing countries, as well as the rural and remote areas of the world.

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Vice President of Business  Development and Advanced Solutions at AB5 Consulting

As AB5 grows both in its advisory activities and developing and promoting new and innovative solutions in the area of IoT and AI, Viplob will work closely with current and prospective clients to develop a pipeline for the solutions and services.

Viplob has almost 30 years of experience gained in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology segment with well proven strategic, commercial, technical, and operational skills developed in a broad range of businesses. Viplob brings extensive skills in defining, developing, launching, and managing major innovative business and product initiatives. Viplob has diverse value chain experience, a strong empathy with customers & markets, a proven ability to grasp new concepts quickly and a track record of delivering results. Viplob’s skills developed in various organisational structures and international cultures.

He holds a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering and a MBA and is a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET).

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Gabriella cursoli

Project Admin

Gabriella Cursoli (MA) has been working at AB5 Consulting since 2017. She is involved in the organisation and administration of various projects and in the preparation of proposals. Because of her background in publishing, Gabriella is responsible for the layout and editing of business reports and for writing and translating content in English, French and Italian. She also designs presentations and promotional material for the company. Gabriella notably acted as a project controller during the Mega Constellations as Enablers for New Services and Opportunities project, carried out by AB5 with the support of six international experts for the European Space Agency.

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