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Market access, licensing, regulations, governmental affairs

AB5 Consulting has extensive experience in international regulatory affairs (licensing, spectrum management and policy / government affairs), market access and business development, project management, thus supporting and working for companies and regulatory agencies.


AB5 Consulting has applied for market access licensing in a large number of countries around the world. Vast experience of the International Telecommunications Union, the European bodies such as the ECC/CEPT and ETSI, the Arab Spectrum Management Group, the African Telecommunications Union, the Asia-Pacific Telecom group, the Broadband India Forum, the Inter-American Group (CITEL) and other regulatory bodies.


AB5 Consulting offers support with satellite filings, frequency coordination, licensing for satellite user terminal, spectrum use and ITU satellite filings, international regulatory strategy and international representation. AB5 Consulting is also very experienced in licensing satellites under the national implementation of the Outer Space Treaty process and UNOOSA, including satellite constellations.

Betty Bonnardel has 25 year experience in the space field, in the development and deployment of Earth observation satellite missions and Broadband satellite communications. For the ITU WRC-19 process, Betty was chair of Agenda Item 1.7, which addressed the availability of spectrum for space operations of short duration satellites and cube-sate applications. A strong experience of licensing satellite earth stations, spectrum use, satellite filings and satellite user terminal/services in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Tony Azzarelli’s experience in regulations and licensing spans over 30 years and include key roles at the UK regulator Ofcom and key leadership roles at the CEPT. Over the years, Tony has been appointed at key leadership roles at Inmarsat, ICO Global Communication, The Boeing Company/Connexion by Boeing, European Space Agency and OneWeb. Tony’s experience spans from system development, spectrum management, regulatory and regulations, business development, policy change, government affairs, and he is known by most regulators across the telecom/spectrum agencies/ministries of the world.

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