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Temlab, a patented system by GEOLAB Ltd, offers remote monitoring of concrete corrosion by detecting and reporting concrete decay in buildings.

The durability and long-term performance of concrete structures in challenging environments is severely tested by carbonation and chlorides attack. Traditionally, the monitoring methods to evaluate any degradation and issues in concrete are carried out by invasive and, sometimes, damaging techniques.

The unity of the Temlab system lies in the exploitation of a non-invasive methodology, based on the measurement of the electro-chemical corrosion of embedded steel and of the chlorides concentration and pH, via sensors embedded in the structure. The measurements, especially focused on pH, chloride concentration, conductivity, temperature and humidity measurements, can be taken on site as well as remotely.

The installation of sensors – a special feature of the system – can take place either during concrete casting (the sensors are immersed in the concrete; the reference electrode is placed where the structure solidifies) or in the already solid structure after concrete casting, by inserting them in small holes drilled in the concrete.

Besides the easy installation, the main benefits of such a system are its 24/7 monitoring feature and the ultimate advantage in terms of saving money for both detecting issues and solving them. It is also extremely adaptable, as proved by its successful testing and installation for monitoring bridges and viaducts in Dubai.


AB5 acts as an agent to promote such a brilliant solution in the UK, France, the insurance world and in the nuclear domain.

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