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smart agri-tech hub


AB5 Consulting has conceived an economic smart agriculture hub, aimed at increasing the productivity and quality of yields and especially targeted at small farmers. The accomplishment of conception, testing and implementation of intelligent technology will be made possible as a result of the partnership between AB5 Consulting, academic researchers and real farmers.

Farmers, notably the small indipendent ones, are exposed to weather conditions, made worse by the effect of climate changes, and potentially subject to the loss or waste of crops, water and working time due to the lack of reliable and timely information on the crops and soil. Thanks to sensors placed in the fields and satellite or wireless connection, the smart hub will allow information to be transmitted through the Internet, thus providing valuable information to the farmers, who will be supplied with a bespoke application.

The innovation lies within the hub as it will permit the optimisation of farming activities, such as crop protection and production, water utilisation, pesticide use and impact of climate change. Once tested and perfected, agri-tech solutions like this have the potential not only to impact the individual farmer’s activities and production, but to gradually and positively affect the local and national economy as well.

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